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Storage solutions for the bicycle industry

For your large company in the bicycle industry you need the most efficient storage possible when considering assembly, sales and services. No matter whether you are a bicycle shop, bicycle wholesaler or bicycle factory, we will help you find the best storage for bicycles and bicycle parts in your specific environment thanks to our years of experience, know-how and innovation.

Storage, showroom as well as assembly

Europe Racking provides an integral solution. This means a complete system for storing packaged bicycles, assembled bicycles, and bicycle parts. But for example also workbenches and bicycle assembly stands to provide assembly work and services in your workshop. And a perfect solution for your showroom.

Standing, hanging, standing

The upright bicycle storage facility for packaged bicycles can be built up to three levels of racks. If the bicycles are stored in a hanging position, they are hung by the front wheel on a hook in a safe, damage-free construction. In your showroom, the bicycles are displayed in a standing position, so that customers can take a good look at them. Europe Racking also has suitable solutions for upright storage.

Creating the best solution together

Europe Racking will create an optimal system for the storage of bicycles in your bicycle shop, bicycle wholesale business or bicycle factory. If required, our own assembly team can install the system and make it ready for use. Of course, our advisers will be happy to visit you first to list your requirements and possibilities as well as to give expert advice, including the necessary custom work that we will carry out in our own production facility.

Products for the bicycle industry

Suitable for:
  • Fast-moving stock
  • Small equipment
  • Tools
Suitable for:
  • Boxed bicycles
  • Ready-to-ride bikes
  • Large pallets
Suitable for:
  • Outgoing items
  • Documentation
  • Counter sales
  • Small goods
Suitable for:
  • Bicycles
  • Wheels


Our experts will help you find the optimal warehouse arrangement for your space. Contact us for a different perspective on warehousing and a tailor-made proposal.