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Storage solutions for the wholesale trade

You have a wholesale business with a warehouse or storage. You want its interior to be as optimally and efficiently as possible. Especially these days because deliveries from abroad can be uncertain for different reasons, so you must keep a sufficiently large stock for your customers. Customers are used to quicker deliveries when ordering online. That is why an optimal warehouse is required.

Workflow analysis as an integral part

As you also know, it is not enough to simply install as many warehouse racks as possible. You must also keep sufficient space for order picking. Shipments come in and deliveries are made during many times a day. We understand this and always include such activities in our (re)design and advice. An efficient workflow in your company is always guaranteed as a result.

With our many years of experience, know-how and innovation, we know what your business is all about. Continuity and efficiency – also when your are expanding or renovating the warehouse or storage of your wholesale business.

Creating the best solution for your wholesale business together

Europe Racking will create an optimal warehouse system for your wholesale business. Structure and overview, more efficiency, the improved – separated – inflow and outflow of goods. These are the results we want to achieve. Racking or shelving for fasteners, tools, machine parts or spare parts and more, we will deliver and assemble it. If required, our own assembly team can install the system and make it ready for use. But first our advisers will be happy to visit you without any obligation to list your requirements and possibilities as well as to provide expert advice for the warehouse(s) of your wholesale business, including the necessary custom work that we will carry out in our own production facility.

Products for the wholesale trade

Suitable for:
  • Fast-moving stock
  • Small equipment
  • Tools
  • Bearings
Suitable for:
  • Large item storage
  • 2nd or 3rd floor extra
  • Large pallets
Suitable for:
  • Bulk goods
  • Larger packages
  • Tubes
  • Pumps


Our experts will help you find the optimal warehouse arrangement for your space. Contact us for a different perspective on warehousing and a tailor-made proposal.