Equipment for tyre centre

For this customer, we provided the equipment for his tyre storage.
This customer also needed space in his workshop for the storage of both new tyres and tyres on wheels for the storage of winter and summer tyres. Of course, this had to be done as efficiently as possible so that he could store the required sets of tyres and still have enough space left over to work on the vehicles. The tyres also had to be handled by the employees in a user-friendly way.

In order to keep the required workshop free for the vehicles and still comply with the storage space requested by the customer, we went up in height here. By placing a floor on top of the first layer of shelving, we doubled the available floor space. This provides a large increase in storage space, and a more efficient use of the volume of the building that the customer had available. In order to get the tyres onto the floor without having to use a forklift truck, a special tyre lift has been installed here. This allows employees to lift the tyres up and down easily.


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