Mobile tyre racking project in Odense, Denmark

Our client was looking for a specific solution for his storage problem. By thinking along with our client and our years of experience, we at Europe Racking were able to offer our client a customised solution that met all his requirements.

A garage owner in Denmark was looking for a specific solution to make full use of his limited storage space. Despite the limited storage space, he wanted to offer his customers a real tyre storage service. Only by using all the space as efficiently as possible could he help his customers directly from his stock, and all this without long waiting times.

The use of standard fixed tyre racking systems resulted in too great a loss of storage space. The customised solution that we at Europe Racking proposed was therefore a mobile tyre racking system.

With mobile tyre racks the racks are mounted on a platform that can be moved on rails, which ensures that only one aisle is needed. Double-deep racking per platform was also used. By using these systems, you create extra space, which of course results in an increase in profitability.

Depending on the space and the customer’s wishes, this construction can consist of one floor or multiple floors. You can also choose to have the shelves driven manually or electrically.

From an ergonomic point of view, we also proposed the customer to use wooden pallets in the tyre racks on which a set of 4 tyres is stored each time. These wooden pallets, combined with an adapted forklift truck with a short turning radius, ensure that the employees are less stressed when loading and unloading the tyres.

By equipping this forklift truck with a camera on the forks and a screen in the cabin, the driver can easily handle the forklift truck at a height of 6 metres, which guarantees the safety of the employees and prevents unnecessary damage to the racks.

Our racks were also supplied in the same dark-grey colour as the mobile platforms. This way all systems formed a nice coherent whole.

We at Europe Racking are pleased to have been able to offer our customer a tailor-made solution to his storage problem.

We would like to thank him for the pleasant cooperation and wish him all the best for the future!


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