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Storage solutions for web shops

Your web shop is growing, becoming larger and expanding its product range. In order to serve increasingly more customers and to achieve the best margins, you want to organise the storage of your e-commerce and e-fulfilment activities as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Europe Racking’s experts will help you to furnish small and large warehouses for e-commerce purposes as efficiently as possible. From light to heavy objects. From boxes and pallets to hanging garments or furniture. Europe Racking will support you when you want to set up, expand or renovate your e-commerce warehouse, storage space or any other warehouse.

With our many years of experience, know-how and innovation, we know what is important to you in the company’s growth phase. Continuity of your business, also during the start-up phase or during expanding or renewing activities.

360 degrees advice for the perfect warehouse interior

Together with you, the client, we will consider which warehouse interior is suitable for your e-commerce activities. This depends for example on the type of goods, how long they will remain in your warehouse, how much and how often they are supplied, the transport in your warehouse, the order picking method, the space that is available, the packaging they are in, as well as the floor load. Our intake is 360 degrees, our proposal is 100% tuned to your situation.

Building the future together

Europe Racking will create the optimal system for the e-commerce warehouse of your web shop. Structure and overview, more efficiency, the improved – separated – inflow and outflow of goods. These are the results we want to achieve. Racking with shelves, an additional mezzanine floor or system for pallets, we will supply and assemble them. If required, our own assembly team can install the system and make it ready for use.

To receive the useful warehouse interior design guide for e-commerce,

Products for web shops

Suitable for:
  • Small goods
  • Spray cans
  • Clothing
  • Boxes
Suitable for:
  • Bulk goods
  • Large parts
  • Rolls
Suitable for:
  • Large item storage
  • 2nd or 3rd floor extra
Suitable for:
  • Packing tables
  • Workstations


Our experts will help you find the optimal warehouse arrangement for your space. Contact us for a different perspective on warehousing and a tailor-made proposal.